Conflicts & Dreams

Investing in yourself can help you reach your goals much quicker.  Many of us resist this investment, often because we consider it to be indulgent or we just don’t have the time to think about us.  We should, we are important.

We pound the treadmill of life never quite realising the potential we have and not exploring opportunities out of our comfort zones. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Conflicts & Dreams was born from my own journey of self-discovery together with the realization that we oversee our own destiny. We just need to take that first step to choosing the life we want to live.

Whether your goals are personal or business focused, Conflicts & Dreams is here to support you through those initial doubts and fears and guide you to a better future; a better you.

We’re not saying there is anything wrong with the old you, just that your journey with us will show you how to stop and reflect on existing patterns and ways of working/living and ultimately help you to grow.

We aim to give you the tools and inspiration to become who or what you want to be and get yourself into a place where you can achieve your dreams.


What Conflicts & Dreams Offer:

  1. Personality Profile – DISC profile questionnaire, consisting of 24 questions for each individual to complete.
  2. Personal CoachingWe often find ourselves feeling somewhat empty, fearful and as though we are going nowhere. It is my purpose to inspire you to reach your (dreams) purpose.
  3. Business CoachingTeam and individual business coaching is essential to improving performance and productivity.
  4. Coaching in Agile – working with business ensuring the 12 Agile principles are applied effectively.


Get in touch for a 30 min FREE consultation on how we can support you with understanding your unique personality type ( or your team’s personality types).       I would really like to hear from you.


Mandy Connolly


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