Mandy Connolly

I want to make an inspiring and empowering difference to individuals, helping them to reach their full potential through coaching and leadership development.

I have over 20 years of corporate experience working in varying businesses from retail to events.

Throughout, many of the same challenges occurred – to name a few:

  1. Lack of cohesion within leadership
  2. Not knowing our own unique personality
  3. Resistance to organisational change
  4. Lack of clear honest communication
  5. Not understanding the value of working as a team
  6. Fear of overcoming own obstacles
  7. Covering up to make ourselves look and feel better
  8. Allowing our anxiety to cause negative reactions
  9. Lack of business structure and processes
  10. Fear of empowering team members

I took responsibility to sort through these conflicts and refine my goals by attending one-to-one coaching sessions. This enabled me to address the accruing challenges I had experienced, stretch myself and become more aware of those around me. It also empowered me to coach my teams at work to deliver their potential and resolve their conflicts and challenges.

With coaching leading to such a positive outcome for me, I then went on to qualify as a professional leadership trainer, key note speaker and personal coach.

Whether you are a solo business, employ less than 10 people or run a national company, I can help you and would like to hear from you.

I can help give you the tools and inspiration to become who or what you want to be and get yourself or your business to a place where you can achieve your goals.

Does any of this sound familiar then get in touch for a 30 min FREE consultation on how we can support you, with how to face your challenges?


Mandy Connolly


Email:     [email protected]

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