Are you being consistent?

We all have these great ideas on what we want out of our life. For the first few months we are passionate and focused on the goal. We are motivated by what we want.


A year into working on my goal I noticed that I was not that much closer to reaching it. Yes, I had moved forward, and I had done a lot of work, but that work was in the background and not going anywhere.


It was when I decided to look at my own growth plan that I noticed that I had not been consistent with reaching my goal.


Areas that I had to give focus to, to ensure I was being consistent:


What was it that I needed to improve?

One of the biggest things that needed improving, to ensure I was being consistent, was a clear plan that was focused on my end goal.

I also had to get a better understanding of the tools I wanted to use in order to get my goal moving forward. I was trying to use the tools thinking I knew how to and this was causing procrastination.

I learnt that I had to improve myself before I could move forward towards my goal.


Did I know how to improve?

Once I realized that I needed to improve I had to discover how to improve.


Four things that I learnt to do that really helped me to become consistent.


  1. Match my motivation to my personality type.  To give myself a fighting chance to become consistent in my growth, I had to start leveraging my personality type to get myself going.
  2. Start with the simple stuff.  When I first started improving myself I was in the mindset that I had to do everything at once. This did not work, and I got discouraged as I fell short of my desired results.
  3. Be patient.  I am the most impatient person you will meet. I give up if I do not see immediate results. Being patient has been a life lesson for me in many areas.

Saadi said “Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.”

  1. Value the process.   I am very good at implementing processes, but I lose patience when I must follow process.

Everything in life is a process.

Once I learnt that growth is a process I began to enjoy the journey and embraced it.


Did I know why I wanted to keep improving?

Once I knew what and how to improve, I had to understand why I wanted to improve.

I spent some time making sure that what I wanted to improve was aligned with my why – what do I have to improve to reach my goal.


When was I supposed to improve?

Being impatient ………….at the time I wanted everything to change now.

The reality is that I would never improve unless I had better daily habits.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

We all have bad habits that stop us from reaching our goal – we need to change these habits.

Abigail Van Buren quipped, “A bad habit never goes away by itself. It’s always an undo-it-yourself project.”

I had to be willing to change my bad habits in order to move forward towards my goal.

I had to be consistent in doing this.


Are you struggling with being consistent?

Do you need some support in knowing what to improve or how to improve?


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