Are you losing the tension between where you are and where you want to be?

We all have some idea of where we want to be.                                                                

I was in my early twenties when I worked on a motivational course with a friend of mine. I remember this being an exciting adventure and something I was passionate about as I wanted to help people.


  1. So why did I not follow through with the course we created?
  2. I did not have enough experience to really help people the way I wanted.


At the time I did not realize that the next 20 years of my life would be about getting the stretching experience I needed to follow through to reach my goal.


One of the stretching experience’s was moving from South Africa to the UK with only 90 Euros.


Stretching experience I have learnt since moving to the UK:


Focusing on being a leader:

I have never thought of myself as being a leader until I worked at an International Events Company.

Going on a journey with my coach I realized that I have always been a leader without even noticing it.

Although I acknowledged I had always been a leader in everything I did, I had to learn that to help and motivate others I had to stretch my leadership experience. So I went on John Maxwell’s leadership training course.

Even though I was criticized for stretching my leadership experience this did not stop me when I remembered that I had always wanted to help and motivate people.

I had to increase the tension in the stretch so that I could bring my dream alive again.


Learning to communicate effectively:

We can all communicate but do we all communicate effectively?

I wanted to stretch how I communicated with people.

I was in a meeting and remember finding it hard to communicate my point across effectively. Ever since then I have seen this as an opportunity for me to add tension to the stretch to create impact.


Increasing the tension:

To be really honest with you, at first I did not want to stretch myself any further as I was tired of working hard. What I did not realize was that I was working hard at the wrong things.

As soon as I increased the tension in what was important to me the process was enjoyable and did not feel like hard work. Even though I was stretching myself during a very busy time.


Embrace change:

Increasing the tension and stretching yourself does not come without change.

I had to learn to embrace change very quickly.

We all resist change at different levels depending on what it is.

When I started building my tension and stretching myself the change was very uncomfortable.

I learnt that without embracing the change I would lose tension resulting in me not going where I wanted to be.



Are you struggling with increasing your tension?

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