Business Coaching

We aspire to be leaders yet not many of us know how to be effective leaders. We can all learn to be a leader. Business coaching helps executives, managers, team leaders and potential future leaders to develop leadership skills.

Business coaching can help you get ahead with a new leadership role, particularly if you have had no formal management or leadership training.

Team and individual business coaching is essential to improving performance and productivity.

This is done through a focus on the self-maximising strengths and addressing areas to develop.

Mandy’s commitments to you throughout the leadership coaching process are:

  • Listening and connecting with you with your agenda
  • Believing in you and your potential
  • Working with you to create a plan for achieving your leadership goals (dreams)
  • Imparting belief in yourself to achieve your leadership (dreams) potential
  • Working together confidentially
  • Providing a space for you to be open and honest without judgement
  • Being your true critical friend in the professional space
  • Supporting you in moving forward with your leadership (dreams) goals
  • Celebrating your leadership successes through every step of the process
  • Helping you with leadership direction and purpose.

Your commitments are:

  • Committing to the leadership coaching process
  • Being open and honest to help Mandy help you
  • Thinking outside the box to allow growth
  • Being prepared to put the effort in to achieve your goals/overcome your challenges
  • Being willing to suspend disbelief where necessary

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    What our customers say

    “Having worked with Mandy since 2011, I have seen first hand, her passion and commitment to business and people. Mandy has lead our team through good and challenging times, to great success, whilst also creating an environment for professional growth within the team. With a strong belief in processes, systems and integrity, Mandy has been a hugely positive influence during my time at iLUKA.”

    Joseph Humphreys