People with the C personality type place a focus on creating the best working place by working conscientiously within existing circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy.

Characteristics of an C type person:

  • Motivated by opportunities to gain knowledge, showing their expertise, and quality work
  • Prioritises ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, and challenging assumptions
  • Careful in what they do ensuring they consistently deliver quality and excellence
  • Described as careful, cautious, systematic, diplomatic, accurate and tactful
  • Can be limited by being overcritical, overanalysing and isolating themselves
  • May fear criticism and being wrong
  • Values quality and accuracy
  • Good at maintaining focus
  • Logical thinkers

Will need to put greater focus on:

  • Delegating tasks
  • Compromise for the good of the team
  • Join in social events and celebrations
  • Being critical
  • Make quick decisions
  • Not to be negative

C personality type people like to be communicated to by:

  • Focus on facts and details
  • Minimise “pep talk” or emotional language
  • Be patient
  • Persistent and diplomatic

C type leadership styles:

  • An C type leader is good at being deliberate. They communicate with clarity providing a sense of security.
  • An C type leader is humble. They maintain composure in all circumstances. They show modesty.
  • An C type leader is a resolute. They set high expectations. They will speak up about problems and improve processes.

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