People with the I personality type place a focus on creating the best working environment, place by influencing or persuading others.

Characteristics of an I type person:

  • Can be limited by being impulsive and disorganised and having lack of follow-through
  • Described as convincing, magnetic, enthusiastic, inspiring, interactive, warm, trusting and optimistic
  • Motivated by approval and being the centre of attention
  • Prioritises taking action, collaboration, and expressing enthusiasm
  • Motivated by group activities and relationships
  • May fear loss of influence, disapproval and being ignored
  • Focused when everyone moves in the same direction having fun
  • Values coaching and freedom of expression

Will need to put greater focus on:

  • Follow-through completely
  • Research all the facts
  • Manage being restless
  • Communicate directly and candidly
  • Focused for long periods
  • Be more flexible

I personality type people like to be communicated to by:

  • Sharing your experiences
  • Likes time to ask questions and talk to themselves
  • Focus on the positives
  • Avoid giving them to many details
  • Do not interrupt them

I type leadership styles:

  • An I type leader is good at bringing the right people together to achieve results. They have fun collaborating with others.
  • An I type leader enjoys building positive professional networks. They are happy to go out and meet others in a fun filled environment that allows them to build meaningful relationships.
  • An I type leader is enthusiastic. They like to show that they are enthusiastic by being able to build teams and connecting people.

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