People with the S personality type place a focus on creating the best working place by cooperating with others within an existing environment to carry out the task.

Characteristics of an S type person:

  • Motivated by cooperation, opportunities to help and sincere appreciation
  • Prioritises giving support, collaboration and maintaining stability
  • Described as calm, patient, predictable, deliberate, stable and consistent.
  • Limited by being indecisive, overly accommodating and tendency to avoid change
  • Can fear change, loss of stability and offending others.
  • Values loyalty, helping others and security
  • Good at being calm during stressful challenges
  • Productive when working in a team

Will need to put greater focus on:

  • Quickly adapting to change or unclear expectations
  • Multitasking
  • Not be afraid
  • Promote themselves
  • Confront others
  • Be decisive

S personality type people like to be communicated to by:

  • Be personal and mellow
  • Show interest in them
  • Be clear on what you expect from them
  • Be polite
  • Avoid being confrontational, overly aggressive or rude

S type leadership styles:

  • An S type leader is good at being inclusive. They are always open to input showing diplomacy. They enjoy facilitating dialogue.
  • An S type leader is humble. They show modesty and maintain composure. They are fair-minded.
  • An S type leader is affirming. They are very approachable and easy to talk to. They create a positive environment. They are good at acknowledging others contribution.

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