Why personal coaching?

Many people live in self-doubt and frustration as they know that having purpose (dreams) in life is vital yet are unsure what or how to reach their potential (fulfil our dreams). This can mean many different things for different people. It is what gives our life meaning, a reason to get up in the morning, reason to smile and something to work towards. Reaching and knowing our potential (dreams) is not always easy.

We often find ourselves feeling somewhat empty, fearful and like we are going nowhere. It is my purpose to inspire you to reach your (dreams) purpose.

Mandy at Conflicts & Dreams will be support you throughout the coaching process by:

  • Listening and connecting with you through every step of the process, as this is about you – it is your agenda
  • Committing to the coaching process
  • Believing in you and your potential (dreams)
  • Working with you to create a plan for achieving your goals (dreams
  • Working with you to make you see your great potential (dreams)
  • Imparting belief in yourself to achieve your (dreams) potential
  • Working with you in confidence
  • Providing a space for you to be open and honest without judgement
  • Always being professional and friendly
  • Supporting you in moving forward with your (dreams) goals
  • Celebrating your successes throughout every step of the process
  • Helping you with direction and purpose

Your commitments are:

  • Commit to the process
  • Be open and honest – this helps Mandy to help you
  • Think outside the box to allow for growth
  • Be prepared to put the effort in to achieve your goals/overcome your challenges
  • Be willing to suspend disbelief where necessary.

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    What our customer’s say

    I have been working with Mandy now for around 6 months and i couldn’t be more happier for someone to take the time to sit down and have a chat with me to help me achieve my own goals and put things into more light.

    Mandy has always shown up to our meetings knowing what we have talked about in our last session and straight into it, regardless of subject or key point Mandy does not discriminate this, where as you might find on a day to day basis some one who does not see eye to eye with you on a point becomes distracted or bored in conversation, Mandy stays focused and keeps to conversation going. i believe this helps people focus them-self on what they are trying to achieve.

    I would not ask for anyone else to have our talks with i have managed to complete so much within 6 months and i look forward to each of our conversations as it almost gives me a chance to breath when things start to get a bit tough.

    Thank you Mandy for the time you have taken in helping me move forward with things this year and more going forward as well.

    Nathan Connolly