What our customers say…

When I first began working with Mandy approximately two months ago, my life seemed overwhelming. Every little task seemed insurmountable. During our sessions, Mandy asked me to list my dreams even if my mind thought they were unachievable. Through our sessions Mandy helped me to realise that I can achieve anything I choose and that I am deserving, which has previously been such a challenge to accept. I learned to take every day, every moment, minute by minute and see the blessed beauty in it.

I learned that challenges in my life are not my whole life and I am not defined by my past or previous thoughts, was able to keep things in perspective and by doing so these challenges did not overwhelm me. Mandy has guided me, with very deliberate steps, into a life that I truly enjoy.

My biggest personal goal was to find a way to be closer to God because I knew that when that happened everything else would fall into place. It is amazing that when you invest in yourself and take the time to explore your mind, your thoughts and your dreams, what can manifest. It is all within us and I am so grateful to Mandy for taking this journey with me and helping me remember.

Mandy is an absolutely amazing soul with so much love in her heart, she genuinely wants peace and joy for all whom she comes into contact with. I can’t think of anyone better to take your journey of self–discovery with.

Clare Thomas

I have been working with Mandy now for around six months and I couldn’t be more happier for someone to take the time to sit down and have a chat with me to help me achieve my own goals and put things into more light.

Mandy has always shown up to our meetings knowing what we have talked about in our last session and straight into it, regardless of subject or key point, Mandy does not discriminate this, where as you might find on a day to day basis someone who does not see eye to eye with you on a point, becomes distracted or bored in conversation, Mandy stays focused and keeps to conversation going. I believe this helps people focus themselves on what they are trying to achieve.

I would not ask for anyone else to have our talks with i have managed to complete so much within six months and I look forward to each of our conversations as it almost gives me a chance to breath when things start to get a bit tough.

Thank you Mandy for the time you have taken in helping me move forward with things this year and more going forward as well.

Nathan Connolly


“Mandy leads by example. She combines a tremendous work ethic with the ability to motivate and encourage. Whilst she can wield the stick when she feels she needs to, she will listen to both sides of an argument and pass judgment fairly. She also has an ability to understand complex technical concepts to help with the decision making process. Mandy’s employees all feel supported and encouraged, and she takes a genuine interest in their personal development and career progression.”

Graham Sanders

“Mandy brings an immense amount of integrity and passion to her role at iLUKA. Although Mandy has an incredible amount of business responsibility, she is always willing to take on new challenges. This is due to her fantastic leadership ability, and her success in empowering her team to achieve. Having reported to Mandy for over two years, she has been an incredible source of support in my personal and professional growth. “

Sabrina Singh


“Having worked with Mandy since 2011, I have seen first hand her passion and commitment to business and people. Mandy has lead our team through good and challenging times, to great success, whilst also creating an environment for professional growth within the team. With a strong belief in processes, systems and integrity, Mandy has been a hugely positive influence during my time at iLUKA.”

Joseph Humphreys


“I have worked under Mandy on several occasions since 2011, she has always lead with passion, determination, understanding and strength. Mandy always self-reflects and strives for personal development, I have witnessed her grow as a manager, leader and person over the past six years. She excels under pressure and is a natural trouble-shooter who can clearly see and navigate her teams and peers to logical solutions. Mandy empowers her teams, to develop and challenge themselves and others, she is always ready to listen, help and guide when needed.

Kayleigh Reed


I am writing to express how pleased I am to have worked with Mandy Connolly on the Rio 2016 Olympics. We were facing the largest project to date, challenges stacked against us and a fast approaching deadline.

With Mandy’s leadership and persistence, the project team stayed on track and exceed our key goals. Not only is Mandy a strong supportive leader, she also provided timely feedback, recognised team members and encouraged each and every employee to grow and excel.

This project was well worth it due to Mandy’s time and investment. People on our team felt important and appreciated which was a major factor to our success on this program.

I want to personally thank you for all your support, encouragement and for believing in me. I know that whatever task or project you are assigned will be a success.

Thank you again and I truly hope to have the pleasure to work with you again in the near future.

Holly Blount